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Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT Prelaw Seminars

Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT seminars are primarily designed for college students in their Junior year. Accordingly, juniors will be granted priority enrollment for the seminar. However, seniors and post-graduates are welcome to attend. The seminar aims to help participants understand the importance of systematic and timely preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

The program includes the following sessions:

Overview of the LSAT and "Mini" Strategy Session. This session is conducted by a commercial LSAT preparation company and involves a description of the components of the exam and some key strategies for studying for and taking the exam.

JJLSAT seminar in San Francisco at UC Hastings

Practice LSAT. A commercial LSAT preparation company conducts this session. Students taking this full-length, timed practice exam will receive scores in the mail. From their scores, students will see which areas of the exam will require greater practice in the months before taking the actual LSAT.

Lunch with Attorneys and CLEO Students Practicing attorneys are invited to dine with students and provide advice to the students regarding the LSAT, law school, and the practice of law. Students will also have the opportunity to speak with CLEO fellows and associates and gain valuable insight into how to prepare for the LSAT exam.

Critical Reading/Writing Session. This session will address the reading and writing connection and grammar basics. Students will practice reading critically and also examine the principles for reading complex text and extended prose.






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